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"We transform your logo, message, or design 

  into a premium metal sign or work of art."


Your stainless steel sign or logo communicates sophistication and excellence. Perfect for a lobby, reception area, meeting room, or office. Various sizes. Optional color, backplate, and backlight.



A meaningful keepsake to make a lasting impression. The perfect gift for a client, partner, or the entrepreneur who has everything. The ideal award to recognize employee performance and loyalty. A unique association, membership, sponsor, or club plaque. Sophisticated stainless steel with optional color.


Unique. Meaningful. Art in stainless steel is a beautiful keepsake or gift.  Available in natural stainless steel and a variety of colors. Can be personalized and customized.








Cape Breton Island in stainless steel


Free Design & Shipping!

Small $425 | Up to 1 square foot | Add Backplate $100 | Add Lights $100

Medium $795 | Up to 4 square feet | Add Backplate $200 | Add Lights $150

Large $1,395 | Up to 9 square feet | Add Backplate $400 | Add Lights $200

Extra Large | More than 9 square feet | Contact us for prices

Awards $159 each for quantity of 10 or more | Up to 1 square foot each

One square foot is an area of 12 inches x 12 inches 

(30 cm x 30 cm) but does not have to be a square shape.


Prices are in Canadian dollars in Canada. Prices are in US dollars in the USA and all other countries.

Shipments to USA are tax and duty free. Shipments to Canada are duty free but GST/HST applies



Free shipping to the USA and Canada. For other countries, please contact us.

Prices may vary based on size, finish, shipping, and other factors. We will provide you with an accurate price for your review and approval prior to purchase.

Nearly any shape can be cut. Logos, letters, symbols, and more.

In order to provide strength, bends are usually added to the two long edges of the sign. These bends are normally ½ inch. If you plan on mounting the sign flush to a flat surface and do not want these bends, please let us know.


Sorry, but we do not create small jewelry items.

The largest single piece of metal can be up to 7 feet x 4 feet. Items made of multiple pieces of metal can be any size.

Color can be applied to entire metal pieces using powder coating, or to specific areas using screen printing and digital printing.


Full-color designs (logos, photos, etc.) can be digitally printed and spot-color designs can be silkscrened on to flat areas of metal.

Stainless Steel 11 gauge (0.125 inches) to 24 gauge (0.025 inches). Gauge is selected based on size and strength needed. Most items are made with 16 gauge (1/16" = 0.0625"). Large signs that require extra strength are normally made with 11 gauge (1/8" = 0.125").

1 square foot of 16 gauge weighs 2.6 lbs.

1 square foot of 11 gauge weighs 5.2 lbs.

For an amazing visual effect, an LED strip light can be added to the back or inside of the sign, providing a unique backlight effect. Includes a remote control that allows you to choose from a variety of light colors and flashing options. The optional BACKPLATE is recommended for the best visual effect (and may be required for certain designs).


How does the process work?
It’s easy! Submit your message and upload your logo/graphic (if you have one). We will quickly create a design sample for you to review (for free). If you are happy with the design, place your order. We will create and send you a more detailed design sample for your final approval. Then we manufacture and ship it.

To where and how do you ship?
We ship to anywhere in the world. Free ground shipping is included in the continental US and Canada. Faster shipping is also available for an additional cost. Please note that ground shipping may trigger a fee for customs brokerage services when the product arrives at your country’s border (This fee is not a duty or tax and is not charged by brandmetal, it is a fee charged by a customs broker of your choosing to clear the product through customs).

How long does it take?
The total process from first contact to having the item shipped normally takes about 2-4 weeks (plus shipping time). This can be expedited for an additional fee.

What is the process?
You submit our quote/order form. Within a few days, we will create a graphic for your review and approval (this step is faster if you include a vector-based version of your logo/message). Once your approval is received and payment is made, we will immediately schedule manufacturing. Manufacturing, inspection, and packaging takes 1-3 weeks. Then it ships. Depending on your location, ground shipping normally takes 7-10 business days (US/Canada).

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, we stand by our products and guarantee that we will deliver a premium quality product as promised. We also offer a 6-month warranty to cover defects in manufacturing or quality.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Yes, if you change your mind before manufacturing begins. Once the manufacturing process begins, we are unable to provide a refund due to the high cost of the metal and the cutting process. Unlike returning electronics or clothing, your item cannot be resold to another customer, and we will have likely incurred design costs on top of that. We take great care to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and allow you as much time as you need to review and approve the sample specifications before going to manufacturing. We also inspect every item as it is being packaged to make sure it matches the approved specifications and ships without defects or damage.

How is the metal cut?
The metal is cut with a laser or waterjet using a high-tech manufacturing process. This process has been refined over the past 10 years while making thousands of custom engineering parts for organizations such as Google, Apple, GE, NASA, Boeing, and the US military. brandmetal is now able to use this same process to manufacture signs and works of art quickly and affordably.




What shapes and sizes can be cut?
Nearly any shape can be cut. Logos, symbols, letters of any font style, and more. Maximum metal size for a single metal piece is 8 feet by 4 feet, but may be smaller depending on the structural integrity needed. Larger items can also be made by using multiple pieces. The smallest cutouts are generally 0.04 inches (1 millimeter) in width. Cutouts should be at least 0.25 inches from a bend.

How durable is the metal?
Stainless steel is sophisticated and tough. Under normal indoor conditions, stainless steel does not corrode, rust, or stain with water. But, care must to be taken to avoid scratches and bends. When used outdoors, stainless steel can stain and may require polishing every few years or other time frame based on local environmental conditions.

How does the light work?
The LED lights are mounted inside or on the back of the metal. They are low-power lights that can run continuously for years, and include a power switch with a standard 120V wall plug, so you do not need to do any electrical work. You may want to install a raceway (not included) to hide the wire, but this is not required. With the help of an electrician, the light fixture can be directly wired to a power source instead of plugging it into a standard wall outlet. 

How should the metal be polished?
Use the same cleaning and polishing processes available for stainless steel appliances.

Can I use this outdoors?
Stainless steel is generally suitable for outdoor use. But, the actual durability will vary depending on air quality (pollutants) and the type of weather and how extreme it is. Adding color reduces the durability of the sign because the color may chip and fade in sunlight. In moderate conditions, stainless steel signs have been known to last several years outdoors. Due to the high degree of variation, we cannot offer warranties on items used outside at this time. Note that the optional lighting fixture provided is for indoor use only.

What type of metal is available?
Currently, we have standardized on stainless steel because of its sophistication and durability. However, other metals may be available, so please contact us if you have a specific need.

Are there volume discounts?
Yes, when ordering 5 or more of the same item at the same time, we may be able to offer a discount. (But please keep in mind that the high costs of stainless steel and custom manufacturing prohibit us from being able to offer deep discounts).

Can you help me design a custom product?
Yes, contact us!

More questions?

Contact us!

Add a touch of sophistication to your desk, office, home, or building. Give a meaningful gift to a client or partner.
Upload your design file or ask us to create something fresh for you.  We will fabricate it out of high-quality stainless steel, add color if you desire, and ship it to you in days. Fast and affordable in single quantities.

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