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Custom-designed award for your winners and MVPs
Unique.  Sophisticated.  Meaningful.  An award designed to reflect your event or organization's brand, logo, and history. Winners will appreciate the premium quality and sophistication of the award.  The award will be displayed prominantly in homes, offices, and public spaces, sparking conversations and continued exposure for your brand
Sponsor names and logos can be included on the award, providing another opportunity for raising sponsorship funds.
$425 for one or as low as $159 each in quantities of 10 or more. 

  • Free design services.
  • Free shipping in US/Canada.  
  • Shipments to USA are tax and duty free.
  • Shipments to Canada GST/HST applies, but no duties.
  • The item is made to order, allow 3 weeks for delivery.

The sample award shown here incorporates the Chamber's name and globe and ribbon logo.
On the folded flap, 1911 represents the year the Chamber was founded. The 11 circles represent the 11 decades the Chamber has been in existence.
On the base of the award (shown below), 1962 represents the year in which 7 regional Chambers (the 7 circles) came together to create the current Chamber.
The award stands 11" tall, but can be any size and can also be painted instead of natural stainless steel.

Another example of a custom award. This awards competition has 3 different award sizes and one in blue.

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