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How Your Product is Made

There is a lot of design and engineering that goes into every brandmetal product. 
It starts with a design created in an illustration program. Every line, angle, and cutout is carefully placed for its design aesthetic and engineering strength.
This design is then converted into a CAD file that can be interpreted by the laser-cutting machine. Before cutting, the design passes through a quality assurance process to confirm all measurements and a fully-rotatable 3D image is generated.  See sample below.
Then the manufacturing begins, where the metal is cut, buffed, polished, and cleaned in a chemical bath. A final inspection is conducted and the item is packed and shipped.
Our manufacturing partners have been making metal engineering parts for the likes of Google, Apple, GE, NASA, Boeing, and the US military. The same high-tech processes and engineering are used to make  your sign or work of art.
Watch the video below to see it in action!

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